Daily Grade: Behavior; Participation

Idea created by AKIVA WEISS on Nov 29, 2018
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    • Kristen Allen

    Currently, it seems that there is no way to grade or give a daily score for classroom participation and/or behavior, other than by either using the attendance feature as a work around (not so great), or by literally creating new "assignments" on a daily basis (with a point value, for example) and then ascribing points, which can be quite cumbersome. Students thus don't really have a mechanism for tracking how they're doing as far as meeting certain classroom expectations in these areas, and Teachers don't have a mechanism to objectively grade how students are doing in class, and log examples. 


    For example: If classroom participation in the discussions or classroom behavior makes up 30% of a student's grade (which it often can), especially in middle school or high school even, how can this be recorded into canvas?


    If I could create a grading tool called "behavior" that allows me to award up to x number of points for each class period that I am teaching a subject and grade students accordingly, I could literally track - and show parents - how students are behaving and participating in my classes on a daily basis.


    To alleviate the strenuous work this would entail going through every single student and giving them a daily grade mark in these categories, if it had a feature that could just award a daily amount of points in each area as a default - but if the student was really acting up or what-have-you, could be adjusted accordingly, it would enable the teacher to effectively log the days or classes where there were incidents that should have or could have been recorded but were hard to do so or enter on an individual basis. (John made a huge disruption in class today over losing a soccer game the other day and could not let it go. Instead of receiving 5 points for good behavior as is the standard, today he is receiving only 2. During the discussion today in class regarding last night's reading, it was obvious that Jane and Michael had not done the assignment. Instead of receiving 5 points (or 10, or 20 or whatever) for active participation, they are receiving 0.)


    The feature could be set much like the appointment feature in a calendar app - to be in effect daily, or weekly, or what have you - with a standard x amount of points per day (or up to a certain number of points per day if you want students to earn them actively) and can just be filled in accordingly - much like attendance, but with greater specificity. 


    While this feature would probably have far less value to higher education classes with dozens or hundreds of students in attendance and where behavior or participation is not as dramatic within the classroom itself per se, for smaller classes, this can really be a critical tool letting both students and parents understand how a given grade is computed.

    Would also be great for general communication. 


    (Jane had an excellent comment in class today about the labs practical applications in the work place and showed real enthusiasm. I awarded her 3 additional points for her participation. Well done. Etc.)


    Or maybe others have a different way of recording these features that I'm just not aware of.