Apple Wallet Integration for Student ID Cards

Idea created by Patrick Ford on Nov 29, 2018
    Open for Voting

    In October of 2018, Apple piloted using Apple Pay to house students' ID cards by adding support for an app by Blackboard called eAccounts. It would be wonderful to have an iOS app like this for Canvas schools as well that allows students to add their Student IDs to Apple Wallet and do things like:

            * Dorm access with NFC enabled locks
            * Dining hall payment
            * Class attendance
            * Gym access
            * Campus event attendance
            * Sports events
            * Laundry
            * Printing
            * Vending
            * Makerspace usage
            * Campus Retail

    The benefits in time and cost savings speak for themselves:

            * Better self-service for everyday uses
            * More secure form of ID
            * Less likely to lose or destroy the ID
            * Always have it on them
            * Consolidates many campus services
            * Better financial management for the student

            * Ability to push data into IDs from a central control


    Why Apple Wallet? Research shows 80% of upcoming undergraduate students have an iOS device: Over 80% of teenagers prefer iPhone to Android, according to survey - Business Insider 


    Blackboard's version is outlined here: 


    Current instructions: Use student ID cards in Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch - Apple Support