Calculate Group averages by percentages

Idea created by jeffrey grell on Nov 30, 2018

    In my Test group I have 2 tests, one out of 80 points, and the other out of 60 points. The group average is calculated as a score out of a composite total of 140 (80+60).

    For example, if a student scored 75/80 on Test 1, and 30/60 on Test 2, their Test average would be calculated as 105/140 which is 75%.

    What I want is an average calculated on their percentage scores. So the calculation for the same student would be:

    Test 1: 75/80= 93.75%

    Test 2:30/60= 50%

    Test average = (93.75+50)/2 =71.875%.

    The same type of average would be used for any number of tests in the group.

    This method gives a more realistic average than the method currently used.