Peer Review: viewing different versions

Idea created by Jerry Hui on Nov 30, 2018
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    • Jerry Hui
    • Hannah Jackson
    • Rob Ditto
    • Michael King

    For assignments completed via file submissions, if students are then asked to do a peer review, they cannot see different versions of submissions. This creates issues especially when an assignment asks for multiple files.


    I guess the ultimate fix is user education: that if students need to resubmit their assignments, they should resubmit all the files — even ones that aren't updated/changed from previous version.


    Problem: I teach a multimedia creation course. Some assignments require the submission of a large file (of audio or video), plus a Word document that provides some written narratives. Resubmitting all files in cases of resubmission can be time-consuming for students (upload speed), and may just be a waste of bandwidth/storage on the server side.


    In SpeedGrader, I can easily navigate between different submissions. Can students get the same functionality in peer review?