Date and time stamp (and sort) for discussion forum posts

Idea created by Ken Weidner on Dec 4, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Erin Tate
    • Ken Weidner
    • Christopher Casey

    My students make posts - usually against a deadline or milepost date. Currently, they are stamped with "Today" "Yesterday" and eventually the "Day of Week" and eventually, a "Date." Since I have all my students posting on the same day, I have to scroll over the "Today"/"Yesterday"/"Day of Week"/"Date" to find out what *time* the post was made on that day. 


    What would be far preferable would be

    1. To have Canvas display the date and time for the post, e.g., Tue Dec 4, 12:12 pm 

    2. To be able to sort unread posts so I can respond to the students' posts in the order they were submitted.


    I currently have a student project forum with 16 students completing 6 mileposts during their project, and getting feedback posted on each milepost. It's simply too easy to miss one or more unread posts, which now number over 100 (and the "See more"  'feature' hides the most recent ones!).