Assign TAs to specific assignments, limit gradebook access

Idea created by Robert Borgon on Dec 4, 2018
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    • Ellen Peters
    • Camille Pierre
    • John Buchner
    • Adam Peterson
    • Robert Borgon
    • Ryan Geddings

    I currently have ~15 TAs in a large lecture/lab course, which requires a lot of lab report grading.  I don't want every TA to have full gradebook access (exams, quizzes, other assignments, etc.).


    My solution is to assign TAs as NG-TAs and have them grade through Turnitin, which imports the grades into Canvas.  This is not preferable since the grades don't always sync well, and I'm unable to use the Canvas rubrics.  I would prefer if I could limit a TA's gradebook access to just the assignments they are grading.  


    Can you please allow us to assign TAs to specific assignments, so that they only see that part of the Gradebook, and so they can use Speedgrader and the rubrics to grade those specific assignments?