Release first marker feedback at the same time as moderated grades

Idea created by Jonathan Ayto on Dec 7, 2018
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    • Simon Davis
    • Rob Ditto
    • Jonathan Ayto

    We are currently using the anonymous moderated marking (AMM) feature in Speedgrader to mark assignments. We have found that if a moderator alters the original grade entered by the first marker, then the feedback submitted by the first marker isn't released to the student when the assignment grades are made available.


    We've been informed by Instructure that this is intended behaviour for the new AMM workflow and the workaround requires that the moderator has to copy the first markers feedback and re-submit it for this to be visible to students. 


    This adds further work for the moderators and can lead to confusion on who has provided the original feedback. In our case we require this to be the feedback from the first marker. 


    We would prefer the system to release the first markers feedback at the same time as any moderated grade so that the the moderator does not need to be involved in the feedback process. 


    I wondered if this can be taken into account when developing the new AMM feature and if others would find this approach more helpful?




    Jonathan Ayto

    University of York