Gradebook default-hyphen vs. zero

Idea created by LAMA BERGSTRAND OTHMAN on Dec 7, 2018
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    • Tia Schultz

    Currently, the default in the grade book considers any unsubmitted work and/or work which deadlines didn't mature as a full grade or 100%. It will remain 100% until the deadline, then it will dramatically change to a zero if no grade was entered. I feel that it is important that the default under the option "Automatically apply grade for missing submissions" be changed to 0% instead of 100%. It is a cloudy feature on CANVAS and doesn't automatically show the student's progress prior to the deadline. Also, if an instructor mistakenly didn't enter a grade, it will be considered a full grade. Further, many instructors who are used to D2L and other similar tools may not be aware of this feature. This "default" could also affect the accuracy of the students' total scores if there was no deadline associated with an assignment. Example, in-class activities may not have deadlines.