Show how many times student achieved mastery in learning mastery grade book

Idea created by Randy Cragun on Dec 7, 2018
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    Currently, when outcomes are set to "achieve mastery n times", the learning mastery gradebook (when looking at the entire class rather than individual view) will only show any information about an outcome if the student has shown mastery at least the required number of times. I attached a screenshot of what my gradebook looks like even though most students have shown evidence of mastery a few times on almost every outcome (it is nearly empty). This is a disservice to students and instructors, who need to know how a student is doing while the student is trying to master an outcome. How can I tell students what they are close to mastering if I do not know? Being close to mastery on almost everything (as most of my students are) and having done nothing on most outcomes are extremely different states, and the gradebook treats them as identical conditions.


    Even if you select the name of a student and view their mastery information individually, there is no count shown of times the student showed mastery on an item (only whether or not it is mastered). To figure out how close a student is to mastery on that item, you must manually count the number of times they achieved the required score on assignment rubrics. It took me six hours this week to count up all the numbers of times each of my students have shown mastery on each outcome, and, of course, I made mistakes while visually scanning the rubrics (and when more assignments are graded, I will have to go through this process again).


    Until this is fixed, the learning mastery grade book will be nothing more than a source of stress for my students.