Hiding class grades from students

Idea created by Tye Campbell on Dec 13, 2018
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    Hi - as we are in the process of figuring out what level of grade information we want our students and parents to see in Canvas, we want to give teachers the option to hide their grades from their students.  We instructed our teachers to hide the "Grades" section in their course to accomplish this.  However, we have now learned that if another teacher has enabled students to see the "Grades" section in their class, then that essentially opens up the grades for the other classes.  That does not make sense to us. For schools that are not yet ready to open up gradebooks to students (and parents), what can be done?  What recourse do we have?  We would love to have the flexibility to hide grades completely per course, display some combination of assignment grades and class averages per student, and control access levels of students separate from parents.  This is really important to us and to other schools, and would appreciate its consideration.