Set up a series of assignments within a group

Idea created by Amy Knobbe on Dec 18, 2018
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    • Amy Knobbe

    Currently if I am setting up a new course with let's say an in-class essay submitted on paper every week, I have to manually add 16 assignments, each named "Essay 1, Essay 2" all worth the same number of points, set the due date, and time.  It would be great if within an Assignment Group you had an option to "Add Series" where you would provide a base name "Essay", select how many and how frequently offered (i.e. weekly on Tuesdays) and it would autopopulate 16 assignments named "Essay 1, Essay 2, etc." all the way up to 16.  I could then go in and modify as needed but it would save a ton of time in the initial set up of the course.