Allow Canvas administrators to search course nicknames

Idea created by Kate Beverage on Dec 19, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • reedt
    • Joe Cotnoir
    • James Monaco

    While we generally encourage our instructors to rename their generic SIS-generated course shells (e.g. "Special Topics" or "Independent Study Project") to something a little more meaningful to the content of the course/project using the Settings area of their course site, a few have found the dashboard nickname function on their own and have done it there instead. Then, when they ask us for course support, they provide us with the nickname and we aren't able to find it in the administration area of Canvas. Obviously a URL, course department code, and/or the term that the nicknamed course is associated with eventually gets us there, but if there were a way we could also search nicknamed courses, that'd be helpful.