Archiving the Sent Folder Messages in Canvas

Idea created by Ashwin Batish on Dec 19, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Stephanie Wilson
    • Rob Ditto

    I am an instructor at UC Santa Cruz. I cannot seem to archive my "SENT" messages folder. The IN BOX archives fine. 


    The SENT box is literally flooded with messages that I can only erase. It will be good to archive these due to the importance of holding on to copies of my conversations with students. It will also give a fresh start and isolate the latest quarter's messages.


    I chatted with a Canvas Tech who recommended I add this as an idea for future Canvas updates.


    "So it looks like you are not able to archive sent messages, only messages that are currently in your inbox as seen in this guide here


    This is a great idea, I recommend you submit it to our idea page here
    Me (12/19/2018, 9:12:30 AM): Yeah. it's flooded with so many messages."




    Ashwin Batish

    Music Department, UCSC.