Make the Calendar accessible under all course visibility settings

Idea created by Jeremy Stevens on Jan 2, 2019
    • Jeremy Stevens
    • Georgina Barden
    • Phil MacDougall

    It would be great if the Calendar were made accessible within Canvas courses that have their visibility set to Institution or Public. Currently it is not supported in these courses, and is only accessible (error free) when a course's visibility is set to Course and the user is enrolled in that course.


    [Source: this document and Instructure support]


    Use case:

    We have a Canvas course where we provide teaching staff with support materials and resources, to assist them in navigating and using our Virtual Learning Environment.

    We use the Calendar in this course to detail our drop-in support sessions and workshops.

    The course's visibility is set to Institution.


    Current error:

    When users who are not enrolled in the course select our hyperlink to the course's Calendar, they are presented with an error message (see attachment). The Calendar then loads in the background, but because there is no support for the Calendar under this visibility setting as above, the error is produced. This is confusing from the user's perspective.


    It would be great if the Calendar were supported under all three visibility settings, even if it were only supported for events rather than appointments.