Remove prerequisites when the module it's based on is removed

Idea created by Katie Venit on Jan 3, 2019
    • Katie Venit

    Currently, when the module a prerequisite is based on is removed, the prerequisite LABEL persists on the modules with that prerequisite on them. I'm suggesting removing that label from the modules.


    For example, we require students to agree to a Code of Conduct (CoC) in order to unlock the lesson modules. If we have to switch out the CoC module for a new one, the lesson modules retain the label indicating that they have the CoC as a prerequisite. However, even if we replace the CoC with a module of the exact same name, that prereq is dead. The only way to know is to go into student view and check that the modules have a lock icon. This becomes confusing when modules have more than one prereq (for example, if students also have to pass a syllabus quiz in the course information module). 


    I suggest removing the prereq label (in this example, removing the CoC prereq label from the lesson modules) so instructors and designers can more easily see that the correct prereqs have been set up. Either this, or when another module of the same name has been added, then transfer the prereq to the new module (for example, if I delete one CoC module and add another with the exact same name, have the new module be the required one).