Dialog Box to Prevent Accidentally Losing Rubric Work

Idea created by Ted Pavlic on Jan 9, 2019
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    • Camille Pierre
    • Rob Ditto
    • Ted Pavlic

    "Cancel" and "Create Rubric" are very close together, and the "Create Rubric" (at least in my school's color scheme) seems more negative than the Cancel button. More than once, I've spent a long time working on a detailed rubric for an assignment and then find myself accidentally clicking "Cancel" instead of "Create Rubric." I'm then amazed to see all of my work disappear in a fraction of a fraction of a second.


    Something so catastrophic as this should only occur after a dialog box prompts for confirmation (e.g., "Are you sure you want to cancel your rubric changes?").


    There are similar issues with Canvas Quizzes, but that's for another issue...