Require 'Mark As Done' from Edit Assignment Page

Idea created by Sarah Poulin on Jan 10, 2019
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    • Sarah Poulin

    I homeschool and don't do grading. I simply require my kids to go through each item, and mark as done (sometimes I do quizzes as well, but I'm not talking about that here). My course is delivered through the use of modules. While I am editing an assignment, I choose "Not Graded," then I have to save and leave that section, edit the module, click add requirement, find the new assignment I created, then require "mark as done." That seems like an awful lot for nearly each and every assignment I create. I would really appreciate a feature where I require it as 'mark as done' right from the edit assignment page. 


    Ideally, and to avoid confusion in those courses not using modules, the 'Mark as Done' feature would only show on the Edit Assignment page when that Assignment is under a module, so the 'Mark as Done' from the Edit Assignment page would be effectively like a "shortcut" to create a requirement for that specific Assignment only.