Restrict students from viewing surnames in the People list

Idea created by Jeremy Stevens on Jan 10, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Proposed idea: site level and account level toggles that manage whether or not students can view the full names of other students in Canvas across teaching sites.


    It would be great to have further flexibility around managing student privacy in Canvas.

    Currently under the People list, for example, students can view the full names of other students in their class.

    It would be beneficial to have the option to restrict this, so that students can only see their peers' first names for privacy reasons.


    Potential problems:

    Group assignments: How can students easily sort themselves into groups if there are, for example, two Johns in the cohort? This should be fine in instances where students are self-organising in person, before joining an identified group online later. However it may cause confusion for students in online classes.


    Would love for the community to comment below with any ideas or potential considerations!