Disability setting for duration of course

Idea created by Eric Chatterjee on Jan 11, 2019

    I teach entirely online. Each semester I have 75-100 students. Inevitably there are a few that need extra time on quizzes and tests due to verified disability. In Canvas this is easy to do on a per-test basis in the settings.


    But over the course of the semester I find myself numerous times having to hunt down the names of the students who get extra time and make a special exception for them on each quiz or test. It would be much better if at the start of the semester when I receive the disability forms I could then tag the student such that every time they took a timed quiz or test in the course they would get X amount of extra time.


    In other words a setting to grant extra time on ALL quizzes and test to a student that would only have to be set once.