Unpublish Assignment Groups from Gradebook

Idea created by Layne Heiny on Jan 11, 2019
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    • Layne Heiny

    A few teachers have recently discovered that groups holding unpublished assignments still show in the gradebook and there appears to be no way to unpublish the group so that it doesn't show. Students will see the group and a zero next to it. My students "freak out" every time they see zeros. 


    Modules are for organizing then why is this important? It's important because high school teachers carry assignments from the fall into the spring - but have the fall assignments unpublished. If there is a group called fall assignments then this shows in the fall and spring. Since we hadn't built out spring, yet, then we didn't catch this issue in the fall.


    The current workaround is to have a group called activities then both the fall and spring are housed. This requires heavy planning on the naming of assignments so that proper ones are turned on and off. Upset teachers are currently told that the naming of an assignment becomes:


    U01 L1 ....

    U01 L2 ....

    U01 L3 ....

    U02 L1 ...


    This places the assignments chronologically in the group.


    Problem solved, right? Wrong.  Asking teachers to rename their assignments goes against the Canvas philosophy (as I naively understand it). 


    In my view, it would be best for Instructure / Canvas to simply provide a publish / unpublish button. After all, modules can be unpublished, then it seems a natural extension to allow groups to be unpublished. In fact, It would be nice to unpublish the group and all assignments in the group are unpublished. 


    PS. There are extreme cases in which helicopter parents become overwhelmingly upset when zeros appear in a gradebook. The student is punished. Emails go back and forth. Parent-teacher conferences are done. In my view, zeros shouldn't appear unless the teacher means to show a zero.