Allow students to see other students name in Appointment Group Slot

Idea created by Daniel Fox on Jan 11, 2019
    • David Downs

    When creating an Appointment Group in Canvas, there is the option to "Allow students to see who has signed up for time slots that are still available." When selecting this option, a student can see the names of other students who have already taken a slot. This of course only applies to cases where the slot is limited to more than one user.


    However, once a student reserves a slot, they can no longer see the names of the other students in that slot. This behavior is odd. Why only display this information during the initial signup and then hide it afterward? Given that the students in the same slot have agreed to do something together at the same time, it only seems right to be able to look up the other members in the same slot.


    Our use case was a faculty member who asked students to signup for short presentations regarding a specific subject. It would be helpful for the students to know who else they are working with before the presentation is due.