Conditional appointment groups in Scheduler

Idea created by Linnea Thompson on Jan 11, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I'd like to be able to offer appointments to only some of my students using the Scheduler rather than the entire class.


    For example, I'd like to let all students who received less than a 70% on their last exam across all of my classes (I have 6 different classes that all take major exams on the same schedule) book an appointment with me to discuss their test without having to fight for appointment times with the A and B students (who tend to be more likely to come in for help and ask questions). I'd love to see a variety of options, along the lines of the "message students who..." options, for booking appointments.


    I sometimes have weeks where I just don't have much time to meet one on one with students, and I'd like to protect that time for targeted groups of students based on academic reasons rather than the appointments going to the students who are most proactive about booking appointment times right away.


    Some conditions I'd like to see:

    • Less than x% as course grade
    • Less than x% in a given assignment group
    • Less than x% on a specific assignment
    • Have not yet submitted a specific assignment (perhaps one where you have an online option and an in-person option, so they need to make an appointment to get it done in person if they don't turn it in online)
    • Have not yet been graded on a specific assignment (useful if everyone needs to make an appointment to come in and do something with a no submission assignment time like give a speech and you want to keep offering times for those that haven't done it yet)


    I could also see other people wanting to use conditionals relating to number of missing assignments, number of late assignments, or number of absences. 


    I think the way I'd most like to see this implemented would be with some kind of "custom group builder" interface where I could play with the union and intersection of whichever conditions I was concerned about, ideally across multiple classes then manually add or remove students, then link that custom group to a set off appointment times (and ideally have an option to send a message to everyone in the group I just built letting them know about the appointments, and keep sending more messages to the students who haven't made appointments yet).