Allow students to see Turnitin report on muted assignments

Idea created by Brad Daley on Jan 13, 2019
    Open for Voting

    The issue:

    When using the Plagiarism Review settings on an assignment, students are unable to see their similarity reports if that assignment is muted. In the normal Turnitin LTI set up, students can see their similarity reports even on muted assignments.

    The only work around (apart from unmuting the assignment, which creates additional issues), is to create a separate, ungraded submission point for students to submit their assignments into, just so they can generate a report. This creates extra admin for teachers, and confusion among students (since it's an extra process they haven't had to do previously).



    By default, allow students to see the similarity reports on their submissions at all times, and control access to when the student can see the report through an existing Assignment option:



    • The standard Turnitin LTI allows a students to see their originality scores in the Turnitin LTI window, even on muted assignments.
    • In the Assignment settings, in the Plagiarism Review section, there is an options for when a student can see the TII Feedback. If it's set to immediately, and the assignment is muted, the student will not see the feedback when they submit:
    • What a student sees when the assignment is muted:
    • What a student sees when the assignment is unmuted: