Central storage for common pages

Idea created by Mitch Stimers on Jan 14, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Kelley L. Meeusen
    • Esther Villegas-Sandoval
    • Mitch Stimers

    I teach for three schools, all Canvas, and try to keep my content consistent across courses. For common pages, like instructions, "About your Instructor", or other basic informational pages, when I make one change, I then need to log into three systems, and change it in nine to eleven shells (seven courses plus anything in development). How about creating one common space where we could store pages, so when we need to make an edit, we don't have to waste 15 minutes changing the same line in multiple pages. Make the space accessible from any course on any instance of Canvas (server or client-side). This is pretty much the basis for hyperlinking on the Internet, a concept older than some people reading this -- one page, multiple links to a single page, not the same page repeated multiple times. This would also go a long way in making content consistent for those of us that work across more than one instance of Canvas.