Improve Search for Cross-listed Courses

Idea created by Rachael Sweeten on Jan 17, 2019
    • Laura Gibbs

    Please improve search features and Admin search to find cross-listed "parent" courses more easily. 


    Currently, the searchability for cross-listed courses falls short. I must already know the accurate name of the parent course or I'm stuck with search returns that display lists of blank, useless child courses.  


    Possible solutions:

    • Improve search filters in the Admin search to also return the name of the "parent" master course when I search for a name of "child course" sections hidden within it.


    • Display the name of the "Parent" master course somewhere inside the course settings of the "child" course that is cross-listed.  (Right now, full information is only displayed in the parent, not in the child course.  Not helpful to find the parent!)  Please make it consistent: Since the parent course displays the cross-listed sections within it, then the child course could list the parent somewhere inside.