SpeedGrader: show discussion thread

Idea created by Jerry Hui on Jan 17, 2019
    Open for Voting

    When grading discussions in SpeedGrader, all posts by a single student are isolated from their threads and shown.

    e.g. A: Thread 1

    > B: Response 1

    > C: Response 2

    B: Thread 2

    > A: Response 3

    > C: Response 4

    >> B: Response 5


    Currently when viewing student B, we see Thread 2, Response 1, and Response 5. They are displayed flatly (agnostic of how deep each is within the thread).


    If the instructor wants to read the full thread of the conversation within which the response took place, the only option right now is to click on “View in full discussion”. This takes you to the entire discussion by everyone, and the instructor has to once again search for the specific response.


    It would be nice if there’s an option to load just the thread that a specific response is in...

    e.g. When viewing student B, an option is available to expand Response 1 to see its parent (Thread 1 by A), and expand Response 5 to see its parent (Response 4 by C).


    It would be even cooler if one can continue expanding upward through the tree. e.g. Student B’s Response 5 can be expanded to view Response 4 by C, and further expanded to view the parent of Response 4 (Thread 2 by B).