Change Text in Catalog Program Buttons

Idea created by ELIZABETH BOWDEN on Jan 18, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Daniel Tan

    I'd like to request that at the least the text on the buttons in Programs be changed from "Begin Course" (very misleading) to "Complete Enrollment" or something similar.


    What would work best for end users? Best case is to list the Program in user dashboards *and* list the program plus all the courses in their list of courses. Right now any Programs they've enrolled in only show in the catalog and never in dashboards.


    As it states in How do I begin a catalog course or program?:

    Note: If you enroll in a Catalog program, you must begin each course in Catalog. Canvas does not enroll you in a course or display the course in Canvas until you click the Begin Course button for each course requirement in the program.