Add an option to exclude observers from announcements

Idea created by Matt Hanes Champion on Jan 18, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I would love to see an option to exclude observers from announcement notifications. There are times when the announcements are really just for the students and we don't necessarily need to see an Alert - whether that is in their email inbox or in the Canvas Parent app.


    For example, I might send out an announcement that says "Students please go directly to the lab today instead of the classroom". That's not really something the observers would care about, yet it's important for the students. By being able to decide when an announcement is shared with Observers would also help families/coaches/support because they would receive the essentials, and not have the smaller things interrupt their day.


    A great location for this would be under options. Include Observers would be added to the bottom of the list, perhaps checked by default. (Image from How do I add an announcement in a course?)

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