Canvas Messenger Mobile App

Idea created by Karlana Kulseth on Jan 22, 2019
    Open for Voting

    IDEA: Currently, Canvas has separate mobile apps for Student, Teacher, and Parent. I would like to see a separate app specifically for teachers to be able to message students and observers outside of the Canvas LMS.


    RATIONALE: Currently, many school districts are under scrutiny to create policies that limit communication between teachers and the students and parents. Clark County School District is currently under a similar policy that limits our ability to message students outside of approved apps. This includes not being able to text a student without messaging them in a group with other students or with their parents/guardians receiving the same information. If a parent is signed up as an observer on Canvas, they automatically receive the messages we all send students. Nevada Learning Academy @ CCSD is an online and blended learning school for the district, so communication is key in a virtual setting with our students and parents/guardians. We also have many brick and mortar schools who utilize Canvas for blended learning who might benefit from such an app.


    CURRENT APPS: While the current apps do allow messaging between students, observers, and teachers, the Teacher app often bogs down because it is accessing courses, grading, and messages. Having the separate app would allow efficiency. As a parent of a student who uses Canvas, my Parent app runs quickly and efficiently. 


    OUTCOME: My hope is to be able to provide this for teachers to utilize as a mobile app just for messaging when they are away from their computers. This would also allow teachers to separate communication from grading and course content writing on the go. This would aid in allowing teachers to be more efficient in replying to students and parents/guardians on the go.