Quizzes.Next: Rich Content Editor for Categorization Question Categories and Answers

Idea created by Thomas Maerke on Jan 24, 2019
    Open for Voting

    The ability to utilize the Rich Content Editor for Category Description and Answers in the Category question in Quizzes.Next would significantly expand the opportunities we have to challenge students. 

    This would open up media and the equation editor, which would empower teachers to challenge students beyond text. Simply being able to utilize text is insufficient.

    A few examples for why this is necessary:

    Math teachers - categorize the formulas

    Art teachers - categorize the paintings by artist or era

    History teachers - categorize the depictions 

    English teachers - categorize the audio quote based on character

    Culinary teachers - categorize the technique displayed via video

    Weights coaches - categorize the muscles utilized in an exercise displayed via video