Delete users according to EU GDPR requirements

Idea created by Lars Solerød on Jan 25, 2019
    Open for Voting

    With EUs new GDPR requirements all European institutions will have to delete user after a certain grace period. Now this have to be done manually trough CSV files. That is not a good routine. My suggestion gives the institutions flexibility to delete users on a regular basis but with their own interpretations of the regulations:


    As an admin we would get a setting:

    - Delete/set inactive user who have not logged inn last  X days/months/years.

    - Delete users who have never signed in


    There should be a option to get a report with canvas user IDs that have been deleted.


    I would get two buttons underneath:

    - Run now

    - Run regularly (every month, every x days)/Stop regulary runs


    The set inactive option should be run so that users imported with SIS are reinstated.