Delegated Grading Ability

Idea created by Megan Radcliff on Jan 25, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I'm bringing up an issue that I've seen proposed and archived over the past few years. Being able to assign TAs to grade specific assignments (a functionality we had in Blackboard). We have many courses that have several TAs, this ability is desired to ensure students are experiencing different graders throughout the life of the course (addressing several other possible issues). Moderated grading does not address this currently, as the instructor cannot choose the grader they desire for the assignment. If this function could be integrated with Moderated grading, that would be great. Instead of choosing the number of graders, allowing for a populated list of available graders (anyone in the course with grade book permissions) to be shown and the instructor would be able to select the assigned grader for the assignment.