Ability to change due date and availability date from student Grades page

Idea created by Shoshana Brassfield on Jan 27, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Please add the ability for the instructor to change the due date and the availability date of a quiz or assignment for an individual student directly on that student's grade page. 


    Currently, if I want to allow an individual student an extension on multiple assignments, I have to go each assignment page separately, click edit, and add that student.  I would like to be able to look at the list of all of their assignments on their grade page and edit the due/availability dates for that student alone, all at once, without leaving the page.  


    Moreover, since I can't reach the relevant edit assignment pages directly from the individual student page, I tend to begin from the gradebook so I can see which one(s) are missing then click on the corresponding assignment at the top of the column in order to grant an extension.  But if the student is with me while I do it, I end up showing them the gradebook for the whole class, which is a privacy violation.  If I could extend their availability dates from the student grade page, I wouldn't have to show them my whole gradebook.