Mobile App Notification with Detail and/or muting

Idea created by Andrew Szajlai on Jan 28, 2019
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    I have enabled push notification; however each alert has summary details as to what has changed. Needing to click to application to for specifics.  It would be nice to be able to expand on data pushed to the phone.  If that is a limitation of the technology.  A way to be able to mute specific Discussions/Assignments.  I use a Discussion page instead of the inbox to allow fellow students to help other students.  My only option is to turn off all notification from that type under preferences.


    Giving a way to mute each type, similar to the publish/unpublish.  I use Discussion as a way to have interactions as close to live with students.  E-Mail gets lost, seeing if I move this type of live chat to Teams, but trying to stick with a single application with my students.


    Chat on the phone requires a microscope to use for someone in my 5th decade, not sure even one in their 2nd decade would be able to read the screen.


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