SMS Improvement

Idea created by Holly Dornak on Jan 30, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Matt Hanes

    I would like SMS notifications to be improved, specifically regarding how SMSs of Announcements are posted.


    1.  There should be clarity to those who post an Announcement how many characters will be sent as SMS.  My carrier (AT&T) seems to allow approximately 250 characters when posted in the Title of the announcement, and about 30 characters from the actual Body of the announcement.  

    2.  SMS messages should all come from the same "number" to users.  It's super annoying that users have to scroll through a list of SMS messages from different Canvas "senders" to find the announcement they're looking for.

    3.  SMS messages should NOT include superfluous information like "SUBJ: Canvas Alert" or things like "(Con't) 2 of 4" - that make the actual announcement difficult to read.  Many of my users who rely on SMS Announcements are English Language Learners, so wading through extraneous text can be confusing/difficult for them.  Anything that helps my teachers communicate more effectively with them is of great importance.

    4.  Most importantly, the SMS message should contain a link, not just to Canvas, but to the actual announcement - helping to ensure that parents, students and teachers receive the information they need, and don't have to hunt around for it in Canvas. 


    Thank you for your kind consideration.