restore the triangle by each students name that allows me to look at their submission and the grader comments quickly

Idea created by Kathleen O'Brien on Feb 4, 2019
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    • Kathleen O'Brien
    There was a feature that I used frequently in the old grade book that I can not find in the new one.
    I used to click on the triangle next to a students grade and get a popup window with the submission and the graders comments. (one click)
    Now the way I have found is to click on the grade in the grade book, click on the arrow, click on Speed Grader, and wait, and wait. The problem is that (in addition to being 3 clicks rather than 1)  loading the information for 180 students in the Speed Grader is not a speedy process.
    This problem occurs when a student has a question about the grade he was given. I do not want to wait while canvas loads all 180 students in the speed grader. I just want to see this one student quickly