Office 365 LTI: OneDrive links shouldn't expire after 3 months

Idea created by Christian Haug on Feb 6, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Marianne Molin
    • Christian Haug
    • Tine Claes
    • Morten Isnes
    • Asgeir Brevik
    • Matt Hanes

    When the Office 365 LTI is used to create a link to a OneDrive-file in Canvas, the link will expire after 3 months, even if there's a different expiration date at the institution level. The only way to make a link not expire (when using the LTI) is to first share the file in OneDrive directly, and THEN link it via the integration.


    Suggestion / idea: A setting in the Office 365 LTI to adjust when links expire, or alternatively make share-links created by the LTI last until the course ends, and not only for 3 months.


    Here's a related idea with some additional suggested improvements that would be nice to see in the Office 365 LTI;Office365 LTI Phase 2 -- Feel free to give this one a vote as well.