Assignments List Sort Order for Students

Idea created by Samuel Abrahamson on Feb 7, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Miles Lincoln
    • Leonardo Santos
    For assignments, unless there is an assignment due date, the Assignments link shows all assignments to the students in order of creation (there is also an option to show it by Group, as it shows Instructors, but that is not the default).
    For imported courses, that is the order in which Canvas creates the assignments, which seems totally arbitrary and could end up totally illogical.
    One of my courses, screen-grab attached, imported from our previous LMS, has undated assignments whose Canvas ID order is illogical and confusing.
    I propose that the default sort order for students, at least undated Assignments, should be selectable by the instructor: either by creation date/Canvas ID (as currently implemented) or by ABC of the Assignment name (new option).