Update (rather than delete and replace) Revised Existing SCORM Content

Idea created by Paul Johnson on Feb 8, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Steven Vang
    • Rob Ditto

    If you need to revise a SCORM package, you currently cannot update the content uploaded to Canvas. You must remove the original and replace it with the new one. This is a problem when you have active learners in the course who would have to restart a SCORM interactive they had already started. It also seems to mess up prerequisite courses that have already been completed. I've worked with other LMS's that allow the SCORM content to be updated without affecting student progress or prereqs.


    Course material often changes, needs to be amended, or even corrected—especially when dealing with regulatory material and asynchronous . Having the ability to overwrite an existing course with a revision would be immensely helpful.