Simple way to preview attachments in discussion threads, instead of downloading

Idea created by Barbara Fiore on Feb 12, 2019
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    • Barbara Fiore
    • Rob Ditto
    • Marsha Rakestraw

    Please create a SIMPLE way to preview attachments (or embed images) in discussion threads.


    In the courses we teach, we use discussion threads extensively for several reasons:


    1: to engage the course participants in conversation with one another,

    2: so that course facilitators can get a sense of how participants are understanding the contents, and,

    3: to give participants a change to demonstrate and share examples of their work and engage other course participants in a discussion about the material they have shared.


    We ask for models or drawings to be shared. Most people draw something by hand on paper or dry erase board then photograph it and upload as a JPEG or PDF. Some people generate electronic drawings. Once posted in the discussion thread, other participants have to download that item to view it. This is very cumbersome. I know there is a way to embed the images by creating a url, but many of our users do not have that sort of digital proficiency. 


    It would be great for participants (students) to be able to preview the attachments without having to download, like course facilitators can do in "Assignments."