Global To Do list criteria (Announcement end)

Idea created by John Werkheiser on Feb 13, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • John Werkheiser
    • Griet Lust
    • Sandra De zeeuw
    • Vicky Van Den Heede
    • Liesbeth De Blaere
    • Bjorn De Rouck

    There exists a redundancy that removes valuable space on the global view. Seeing everything from every class on the right tab with no organisation is not helpful for me, the student. By placing announcements, and other un-needed To-Do's in the To-Do section, the To-Do section becomes useless because, I do not know what is actually Do just by looking at the section. I have to know what is actually Do by being an active participant in class. Thus this To-Do section is just wasted space. Under card view, the quantity of unread announcements can be viewed by the megaphone. This does not need to be repeated on the right hand side under the two do list.

    I am thus claiming that all announcements must be removed and not be able to be added to the global To-Do list.

    I am not claiming that this policy should be also enacted for the local To-Do list as this may hinder instructors at this current time.