Change "Assignments" to "Tasks"

Idea created by Bridget O'Neill on Feb 14, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Renaming "Assignments" "Tasks" OR adding another page to house assignments separate from discussions and quizzes as they both have secondary avenues of access, but assignments are lumped into discussions and quizzes presently. 


    The issue is that "Assignments" suggests homework or projects or papers, yet if a student clicks into "Assignments," s/he'll find assignments and discussions and quizzes; further, a student can click into Discussions or Quizzes to access those things that might also appear in a Module or Page or in Assignments. BUT there is no place to access Assignments "alone" as there are to access discussions and quizzes. 


    I have just gotten "burned" several times when students have circumvented the organization I've created, thereby digging directly into an assignment or a discussion or a quiz. I know I can control access with "available from" designations, etc., but it would be more efficient, perhaps, if students were either a) not able to access discussions or quizzes or even assignments in an additional way (I know you can keep certain things from view on their navigation menus, but sometimes institution dictates that) or b) able to go to an assignments tab for those kinds of things like homework, etc., that aren't discussions and quizzes for a more parallel experience. OR call the entire "Assignments" tab/page "Tasks" so that it more clearly reflects the all-encompassing nature of homework, essays, projects, discussions, and quizzes.