Clarify name of "Anonymous Grading" feature option

Idea created by Solomon Klein on Feb 14, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Erin Cox
    • Peter Hess
    • Laurel Peelle
    • Tasha Biesinger

    I realize this is a minor thing, but hopefully that also means the effort to fix it is minor as well.


    The name of the "Anonymous Grading" feature option, which hides student names from graders while assignments are being marked, is very ambiguous - it is not clear anywhere on the Feature Options tab that "Anonymous Grading" refers to anonymizing student names, rather than grader names (including in the expanded explanation, which simply reads "Enable anonymous grading of assignments.") I recently had an instructor of a very large class run into the issue of thinking he and his TAs were hiding their own names from students when grading assignments because they had toggled "Anonymous Grading" (a very reasonable assumption!), when they should have toggled "Anonymous Instructor Annotations" instead. Not a good situation for the instructor!