Share desktop in conferences (both lecturer and students)

Idea created by Pedro Barra on Feb 15, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Jane Tutein

    Currently, as far as I am aware, only lecturers can share their desktop when using conferences (with Big Blue Button) on Canvas. I would like this facility to be expanded to also allow students to share their desktops too. 

    This would be of interest, e.g.,

    1. when using conferences to meet up with a tutor online where the student can share their work via the conference room. (Yes, I know they could email it...)

    2. I am also looking for alternatives to tools like solstice that allow users in a room to share their desktops. So, imagine running a session where you have groups of students working on different tasks. You then want them to share their work with others in class by being able to present it but without having to come to the lectern and plug in their laptop (or if done remotely, without having to simply email their work to everyone and then just be able to talk through it in conferences but not be able to control the file being seen by others). Conferences using BBB would thus allow the sharing and control of file/presentation from their individual work-stations.

    If you can suggest alternatives to conferences, do let me know as well. Always keen to learn new ways of doing things.

    Thank you.