Allow option to have no timestamp on speed grader comments

Idea created by Jennifer Simonds on Feb 18, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Justine Wedge
    • Helen McKissock
    • David Shaw
    • Rob Ditto
    • Sara Frizelle
    • Liticia Salter
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Jacqueline Navarro
    • Leonardo Santos

    I grade in batches and I do not necessarily want students to know the order in which I graded their work. I would prefer to have an option for the date/time on SpeedGrader comments to be removed, or to automatically be marked to the time that the assignment was unmuted. 

    An example of where this has been problematic for students: I did a few papers early from one batch of big research paper drafts. A student saw the early date on my comments and told me how stressed she was because she wished she could have gotten that comment then. I explained to her about the grade release time compared to the time that I actually put the comment in SpeedGrader. 

    For bigger assignments, I sometimes open up a Google Doc, type the comments in there, and then cut and paste them into SpeedGrader when I've graded everyone's work.