Make student groups visible after term end-date

Idea created by Niklas Bi on Feb 19, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Sergio Montero Bravo
    • David Scheutz
    • Niklas Bi
    • Lotta Svenneling
    • Stephanie Speer
    • Magnus Lindfors
    • Minette Henriksson
    • Liselotte Winka

    Student groups are where students save important documentation belonging to courses: discussions etc.


    When a course has passed the end-date of a term the student groups become invisible for the student. 

    Therefore, in order to give the student read-only access to previous groups it is not possible to use end-date for the term.


    The result of this is that the next time the course is given, two courses with the same name will appear in the calendar list of courses, which will make it very easy to add a calendar event to an old (wrong) course.


    I therefore suggest that Instructure makes student groups accessible, but read-only, after term end-date.