Assignment submission from google team drive

Idea created by Kevin Hall on Feb 19, 2019
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    • Kelley L. Meeusen
    • Korey McEwin

    All group assignments in my class are now on team drives.  No more "shared" drives or other ways for collaborators to work together as there are always 1001 reasons why when the assignment is due that the "other" people on the team cannot submit.  By using team drives, ALL info is available to ALL team members from day 1, and ALL team members need to work on it.


    However, to "submit" the project, it currently has to be copied to a single team member's drive, and then submitted in Canvas from that Google drive.  It would be better/easier for both the students and for me as teacher if they could submit directly from their already useful team drive.  Either Canvas would only submit it for that one person, in which case, each person on the team does need to press the submit button in the end, or if anybody on the team submits, it submits for everyone on the team.  Either works for me as a teacher.