Instructor Controls Group Visibility by Sections for Self-Enrollment Groups

Idea created by Cynthia Padavano on Feb 20, 2019
    Open for Voting

    In Group Sets now, you can set it so students who self-enroll into a group may only enroll into a group with their same section. This means the process involves the student picking ANY group the teacher builds, hitting JOIN, and then it blocks other students outside their section from joining their group.


    However, it would be best if teachers could set which groups in the Group Set are visible to specific sections. This way, titles of groups may match the sections they want them to fall into.


    The scenario:

    Teacher has 2 sections of classes in one Canvas course (Monday class and Wednesday  class). These two classes are divided by SECTIONS in their Canvas course (for grading and different due date assigning). Then the teacher wants to divide each section into separate small groups for assignment submissions (same groups all semester). The teacher must create one Group Set for both sections as only ONE Group Set can be assigned in an assignment (cannot do multiple assignments as it creates more gradebook columns and waste of empty grade boxes on students). Therefore, the teacher makes one Group Set which have group names like "Monday Group 1" and "Wednesday Group 1" (he would have 5 groups for each section - total of 10 groups in one Group Set). He wants the students to create their own groups with students who are present in the face-to-face class (absent students will be dealt with outside of class time).


    In Canvas currently, when the students go to "self-enroll", the Monday group will see ALL the groups and are able to join any of them, which includes Wednesday. If a student is not careful, they may enroll in the wrong group title (probably Wed. instead of Mon.) and the teacher will have to do editing on their end to make sure the correct section students are in a proper group. If he does not notice the error before his Wednesday class, it may block out Wednesday students from enrolling in their proper groups. This could be more problematic if the teacher has more than 2 sections of groups as by then you would not know what student belongs to which section without looking back at the roster.


    Creating visibility by sections would make things a little easier and efficient on self-enrollments.