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Idea created by Sam Shumway on Feb 20, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Sam Shumway

    Hi all,

    The more time I spend in Canvas, the more courses I become enrolled in. It's not too hard to keep track of them currently, but navigating around to each of them takes a lot of time when I'm moving back and forth.


    Also, as an admin in Canvas, I find myself having to go back and forth between a few courses multiple times because I forget things when I leave one course and have to go back for them . I end up trying to use my browser history to find the courses I was just working in or have to go back and look up the course again under the admin menu or my own personal page views.


    I propose adding a list of recent courses under the "Courses" tab. It'd be beneficial for admins especially (because everyone else generally is enrolled in their courses), but for teachers, designers, or students who have a lot of enrollments that they want to keep track of, this could be pretty beneficial for every day flipping back and forth between classes. It'd make it so easy to go between all the different courses quickly.


    Here's a little mockup of my idea:

    Feature request


    Thoughts? You can also check out this cold storage request: Show recent courses visited by admins.