Student view: visual indicator for new files/content yet to be viewed

Idea created by John Holman on Feb 25, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • John Holman
    • Erin Cox

    For the courses and programs that require professors to upload an inundating number of files, perhaps there could be a visual indicator of some sort used as a signal to the student(s) that a file is new or hasn't been viewed.  An indicator as simple as a gray dot, or just bold font (much like an email that has yet to be read) would undoubtedly aid students in finding which files he/she has not yet viewed.  The instance in which I operate already features a gray dot when a new grade is posted; once that grade has been viewed by the student the gray dot is no longer present.  The Educational Technology department at the college I attend acknowledged this idea but labeled it as a request they could not fulfill.